Fraud Mallesham arrested by Mustabad Police

Cash acquired by fraud by Mallesham
Police explaining the fraudulent details

In a press conference organized at Sircilla Rural Circle Office today, the Sircilla DSP Chandrasekhar disclosed the details of the recent arrest of a person who was involved in many thefts and acquired property of Rs.2,95,000/-

In this regard, DSP said that Varukuti Mallesham of 35 years old son of Kuntaiah  is a Driver, at Kothapalli Village, Gambirao Peta mandal, who has studied up to Inter and is currently living in Hyderabad and driving a car. At Kothapalli’s house he has threatened a Jaggery seller for money. Since he did not have enough money, he used to make calls to girls to get in touch with them and tell them that he loved them and pretended to believe him. A girl from Visakhapatnam believed and she sent Rs.95,000/-. After that she filed a case for not picking up the phone. Later there was a case of cheating in Secunderabad also, and then at Jagityala where he  took money from his friend and cheated there too.

The case was remanded and after that Perimelli Devaiya of Kothapally village came to know that he was ill and was being treated at Sircilla Hospital. Mallesham called Devaiya family members and told them that he will give you the PM Relief Fund. After that, in the year 2019, on Facebook, it was said that Venkatesh, the son of Gangadi Sunitha, from Auvunoor village in Mustabad mandal, had two kidneys problem, and his mother Sunitha gave one kidney to her son, but the operation was failed. Mallesham called Sunitha and made her to believe that Rs 50, 72, 000/- have been sanctioned from the central government as your son’s treatment cost a lot of money, then he called her again and told her that even if sanctioned, she has to pay the government officials and charges in her bank account and took Rs.6,25,500 and ran away. Today at 8:00 A.M, Mustabad SI with his staff caught and arrested Mallesham and in the presence of Sircilla Deputy Superintendent of Police gave the details of the arrest. Sirisilla Deputy Superintendent of Police appreciated the staff members M.Ravi, CH.Rajasekhar, D.Damodhar, D.Raju, S.Kumar who participated in SI Mustabad’s arrest. Sircilla Rural CI Upender, Mustabad SI Venkateshwarlu police personnel participated in this meeting.