Free counseling for students under Telangana psychologists

RSD_ Free counselling by Psychologists

Rajannasircilla District Psychologists’ Conference by State Vice President K. Punnamchander.

A conference of psychologists was held on 05.03.2023 under the Telangana Psychologists Association Rajannasircilla District. Speaking on this occasion, the State Vice President, eminent psychologist K. Punnamchander said that the society is in great need of services of psychologists.

He said that free counseling is being arranged for students of different levels on mental stress, fears, lack of self-confidence and memory deficits in the background of examinations.

He said that they can get free counseling directly at Sanjana Clinic, Shivnagar Kaman, Sircilla town. A statement said that the following numbers should be contacted for counseling over the phone.

K.Punnachander 8801888805

A. Eshwar 9666661254

A. Venu 936126222

Y. Anjaneyus 8341228838

CH. Srinivas 9505994399

K. Tirumala 9381397085

M. Nagajyoti 9550165350

V. Parameshwar 9640350201

A statement said that counseling can be obtained directly by contacting the phone numbers.

Telangana Psychologists Association Rajannasircilla President Adepu Venu, Vice President Y. Anjaneyu, working group members Aluvala Eshwar, CH Srinivas, K. Tirumala, Nagajyoti, Y. Parameshwar participated in this program.