Give it a chance says Sarpanch Navya

RSD-Janagama news : Janakipuram Sarpanch Navya says that he is also in the ticket race. She is requesting the leader KCR to give a chance. After many accusations were made against Rajaiah, the fact that Kadiam Srihari and Navya are also competing with Rajaiah in the ticket race has become a topic of political discussion.

In the history of seven decades, no woman has been given a chance from station Ghanpur. So Navya is pleading to give her a chance.

It is against this backdrop that the new couple will meet BRS party leaders in Hyderabad on 01.09.2023. After making sensational allegations against MLA Rajaiah, Navya is now being debated about contesting for the ticket. Let’s wait and see what the consequences will be.