Time is equal to Gold

RSD_ Time is equal to Gold

RSD- Special story: A person’s life depends on the time regime he observes during his life. A person’s handwork is worth more if he is able to complete his work in a timely manner. If the same person is not able to complete the work in time, then the handiwork of that person is worthless. No matter how much talent there is, if the talent cannot be displayed in a way that is useful to the needy, then that talent is said to be useless. It means that at times it depends on one person’s talent, another person’s need or a system’s need. In such a time, the recognition of individual talent depends on the individual’s ability to fulfil his or her own needs. If the individual and the system follow the process of providing services to meet the needs of the society, and charge adequate fees for those services, if the services are useful in time, then the society will have trust in the system as well as in the individual. If consensus is established, the individual and the system can benefit financially. That means economic progress can be ruled by time.

If a motorcycle mechanic asks for two days’ time to repair a person’s motorcycle, he can be appreciated by the owner of the motorcycle if he can definitely repair the motorcycle within the time requested by him. Over time, a commitment by one person can lead to a commitment by another person to another. If the motorcycle can be repaired within two days, his word will be kept. And the word of the motorcycle owner stands. To keep one’s word is to turn time into gold. In the future, the value of the word will increase. Nothing is more valuable than time in a person’s life. Childhood, Youth and Old age these three periods above are very influential on man.

Playing games and studying with discipline is very important in childhood. A boy going to school, studying and playing games every day is said to be a healthy childhood. Games make the body tired. By eating on time, the food eaten turns into energy. Studying increases subject knowledge. Investigative study of any subject brings good recognition in the society. A simple education is useful for becoming an employee. It means that the games played in childhood keeps the body healthy and the studies read in childhood help the career of a person. Here, the more you study carefully, the more you will be recognized, the more you eat well, the more you exercise and play games, the more you will be healthy. Hard practice during childhood effects adulthood. Also hard work done in youth effects old age. Thus the result of hardship in one period will be in another period.

That is why it is said that one should know what to do at what time and one should work hard for that. The changes of the times affect the life of the person but the result of the continuous effort done by the person before that is useful in facing the hardships of the times. It is said that if a person increases the body fitness through exercise, the fitness of body has the power to fight against period infections. Also, if a person earns hard, that money will be useful in coping with the economic changes of the times. It is said that if a person keeps helping his fellows, his fellows will stand by him in times of trouble, that is, whatever the practice of a person is, the chances of getting it from the society are high. In this way time can effect a person’s life in many ways. It means that time is equal to gold, that is why time is so valuable. It may be a saying. May be a service. May be a help. May be in the form of money or may be in any way but time is precious.

Sri Krishnarpanamastu, Loka Samasta Sukhinobhavantu!