Free equipment to physically challenged people from ALIMCO

RSD_ Free equipment distribution to disabled

RSD –Sircilla news: On 01.09.2023, in Sircilla town, NAFSCOB Chairman Konduri Ravinder Rao, President of Municipal Corporation Mrs. Jindam Kala Chakrapani, District Library president were the chief guests in the distribution of free tools to the disabled organized by the Rajannasircilla District Education Department and Comprehensive Shiksha Telangana under the Institute of Prosthetic Organs of India and Comprehensive Education Telangana. President of the organization Akunuri Shankaraiah, Councilor members Kalluri Raju, District Education Officer Ramesh, Director of KDCC Bank Karimnagar Veerabhattini Kamalakar and MEO Doosa Ragupathi were present.

On this occasion Mrs. Jindam Kala Chakrapani, President of the Municipal Association said that ALIMCO, a government organization that is giving self-confidence to many disabled people across India, they would like to express their special thanks for providing the necessary tools to the disabled students in the age group of 6 to 18 years under the Telangana state government’s comprehensive education program to build self-confidence in them through the free equipment distribution program. On behalf of all the people of Telangana, we would like to express our special thanks to Chief Minister KCR, who has taken all the steps under the State Government and Minister KTR, who is working hard to make this program successful throughout the district.

Moreover, Chief Minister KCR in the separate state of Telangana has given a support pension of 3016 rupees to provide them with security of life and has recently increased it to 4016 rupees and he said that our Chief Minister KCR is a great person who is looking after them. Besides, they are making special efforts for the economic growth of the people with disabilities by implementing reservations for the disabled in educational job opportunities and other government schemes.

As a part of that, Minister KTR is working to provide transparently all the welfare schemes provided by the government to the disabled persons and said that on the occasion of the birthday of Minister KTR, he is standing as a guide to many people in the society by providing free tools, tricycles and electronic motor vehicles to the disabled. He said that it is everyone’s responsibility to ensure that the BRS party candidates running under the chairmanship of Chief Minister KCR, who is running an exemplary governance through many welfare social programs, win with a huge majority in the upcoming legislative elections. Similarly, all the chief guests who participated in the program gave their valuable message on the occasion. District education officials, teachers, students and their parents participated in this program.