Gorumuddha program started at ZPHS venkampet – Sircilla

On 06.02.2023, at Venkampet ZPHS School, Goru Mudda program was started for the students of class 10 under the supervision of 36th Ward Councilor Kalluri Raju and started by the President of Municipal Corporation Ms. Jindam Kala Chakrapani.

In this regard, Mrs. Jindam Kala Chakrapani, President of Municipal Corporation said that class 10th is very important in the student stage and this class is like the first step to set a goal in life and move forward with education. All the students should study hard for these two months without neglecting their studies citing small problems as reasons, ask the teachers who have any doubts in their syllabus and study with interest and get 10 GPA and prove to the private schools that the government school are also good.

All the teachers are asked to assess student’s knowledge of the subject and answer their doubts and prepare the students to achieve good marks. Councilor Kalluri Raju for providing nutrition to the students through this gorumudda program for the students who attend special classes in the morning and evening which is very useful for the students at the time for the annual exams is very useful for the students.  Most of the students of Venkampeta Government Z.P.H.S. School should achieve the 10 GPA marks in the 10th standard and bring special recognition to the school in the state.

Pamulu Devayya , who was appointed as District Science Officer, was honored on this occasion. Councilor Kalluri Raju, Karimnagar KDCC Bank Director and School Education Committee Chairman Virabattini Kamalkar, school principals, teachers, Terasa Party leaders, parents and students participated in the programme.