Husband killed by his wife and daughter

RSD- Sircilla news: C.I said in a media conference that, Lecharla Prakash Rao age 49 of Sircilla Town Shiva Nagar who’s Father is Rama Rao. The accused were unable to bear the fact that the Lecharla Prakash used to luxuriously spent money of his earnings. Wife and daughter after knowing this had planned to kill Prakash Rao as he used to ill treat them. According to the plan on 01-11-2023 after Prakash went to bed at night, at 12:00 hours, the accused Swapna attacked Prakash on the neck with vegetable cutting knife, then Usha shri, the child of the deceased, put pillow on his face and after Prakash died he was cut with an axe. When they tried to cut his dead body to pieces, but could not, they bought another knife and tried to cut it to pieces, but it was not possible for them to dig a hole in the house and bury the dead body.

Then on the next day i.e. on 03-11-2023, Swapna called her younger brother and told him about the matter, brought petrol again with her younger brother, poured petrol on the corpse of the deceased and set it on fire, intending to burn the dead body and let the ashes fall anywhere, but because the fire broke out at once and the house was burnt down. Fearing that everyone would come to know about the matter, he covered the fire with water and blankets and did not think of cremation, the next day i.e. on 04-11-2023 in the early morning, A1 called her father and told him everything, he told A1 that inform everyone that the deceased had died in his sleep and advised to cremate. When the close relatives were told, and few relatives came, the above four persons together without telling the truth to anyone, immediately loaded the Vaikunta chariot with the dead body and took it to the Vaikunta Dam in Vidyanagar and cremated it. When the municipal sanitary inspector who is the plaintiff came to know that the cremation of the deceased was done without the arrival of the relatives, the plaintiff went to the house of the deceased and complained that the house was locked and there was a bad smell and the relatives did not come.

Accused A1 & A2 were arrested at their residence on 07.11.2023 and produced them before the court. At the time of arrest, 1. Knife, 2. Axe, 3. Big knife, 4. Two plastic cans with petrol, 5. Shovel, 6. Spade, 7. Iron tasla, 8. Two mobile phones, 9. Sooty blanket, and 10. Blood-stained clothes etc., were taken into possession from the accused. Also, two other accomplices of the accused in this case are absconding, said Sircilla Town Inspector B. Upender. Crime Constable Srinivas, Srikanth, Aruna, Padma and Gopal were present in this press meet.