Illegal occupation of layouts at Sircilla

Some constructions in layouts at sircilla has been brought down by municipal officers saying that those layouts are illegally occupied. But people are saying that those layouts has been properly registered under their names and so they have started the construction. People are also showing the proofs of originally registered land documents. So people has reported this to the police that along with councillor, commissioner and 13 other people related to ruling party have produced fake documents of already registered lands.

More shocking  things have been revealed in this regard ,of  about 40 years ago when sircilla was a gramapanchayat, the layouts that are near bypass road where present collectorate is situated, 1451 yards of land has been allocated to the then gramapanchayat. Now the land cost has been increased to crores of rupees. With the approval of gramapanchayati in 1984-85, 3 layouts has been set up whose survey numbers are, under 63/C, one acre with file no. B/544/48 dated 21.03.1985, under survey no. 69/A, 7.72 acres with file no. B/545/84 dated 23.03.1985, under survey no. 295, 318, 319, 3.4 acres with file no. B/088/84 dated 21.03.1985. Through e-registered documents, in 1984, 4 people has bought one acre land with survey number 68/C. After the land has been bought through proper channel, the buyers has made 1,2,11 and 12 plots of the land with survey number 68/C.

Through executive additional gramapanchyat, file no. B/544/84 dated 21.03.1984 was approved but shockingly those records of the lands are not found which were given in the form of layouts to gramapanchyat. And in that place fake documents has been produced for the same layout with survey number 68/C which clearly shows that it has been illegally occupied. Upon enquiry by  the officials regarding illegal occupation, cases have been filed against the municipal commissioner and officers who were actually doing their duty.

As per the records, the then gramapanchyat layout lands which are now municipal lands has been illegally occupied by producing fake documents. After complete investigation was done then only the illegal constructions were removed with the help of the concerned  officers. No one will be spared if municipal related lands are prone to illegal occupation. And as per law this problem will be addressed to the concerned and will be solved. This problems will not be repeated in future as said by the municipal commissioner.