The main road has become a place of accidents now due to the damage caused by recent floods because of heavy rains. Low laying areas have been in water for days together leading to heavy damage to the roads in and around making the lives of people in danger.

The main road  of Sircilla Kamareddy, New Bus stand, Old Bus stand till Kotha cheruvu, has many holes which are dangerous and accident prone. The concerned officers has not taken any action till now regarding and not even a danger sign board has been kept until the roads have been repaired.

The main road near Gopal nagar where a hole has been formed due to heavy rains was covered temporarily by people with branches and leaves so that it may atleast get the attention of drivers to avoid it while driving as a concern of safety. The concerned officers negligence has made people to do so to save their own lives.

People are hopeful that atleast now the concerned officers will react and do their duty in saving lives of people from such accidents.