Inauguration of Wall Magazine of National Scientific Perspective Campaign

RSD- district news: On 11.11.2023 under the Jana Vigyan Vedika Telangana Rajannasircilla District Branch National Scientific Perspective Campaign wall magazine was unveiled in the Trust by Jan Vigyan Vedika District President and Rangineni Mohan Rao Head of Rangini Sujata Mohan Rao Education Charitable Trust. On this occasion, Mohan Rao said that in order to compete with the world in today’s society, students should be inculcated with a scientific perspective and the philosophy of questioning from childhood. With scientific progress, great changes will take place, so governments should leave the narrow policies and work for the development of science and technology. Only then will the scientific outlook be inculcated in everyone and superstitions will be removed. Also everyone is called to think for a better developed society that loves man as man. Under the Telangana District Committee, Jana Vigyan Vedika, conduction of a state wide “National Science Perspective Campaign” from 7th to 28th February with the slogans of Democracy, Secular Perspective, Science for People and Progress with the main objective of establishing a caste free, religion free, gender free society. The posters were unveiled. Jan Vigyan Vedika district president Gurram Anjaneyulu, district general secretary Sampathi Ramesh, district secretary Katkuri Raju, district committee members Pandurangam and Madhusudan were present in this program.