PD Act for illegal transportation and sale of ganja

RSD- Sircilla news: SP speaking in a media conference said that Praneet, Krishna and Hashwit from Sircilla town have been drinking marijuana for the last few days and the three of them get together whenever they feel the need. They used buy ganja from Ravinder and drinks it and sells it to those who smoke it at a higher rate. Four days ago, investors Praneet, Krishna and Hashwit went to Batta Ravinder about ganja, and since Ravinder did not have ganja, the three of them gave 30 thousand rupees to Ravinder at the rate of 10 thousand rupees each. A2 to A4 came back to Sircilla after Ravinder said that he will come to Sircilla after four days and take ganja and hand it over to you. As usual on 11-11-2023 around 14:00 hrs in the afternoon on the bank of Maneru vagu in the suburb of Sircilla A2 to A4 were going to Munnurukapu Sanga building on A3’s bike, A1 got there from Machareddy on his bike and brought 18 kg ganja with 2 kg pack each. According to reliable information, Sircilla Task Force, Sircilla Town Police arrested them and took possession of 18 kgs of ganja and two bikes from them.

District Task Force Inspector Katla Ravinder, S.I. who caught the ganja accused. Head Constable Tirupati, Constables Akshar, Mahipal, Srinivas, Sircilla town staff were specially congratulated by the District SP. The district police machinery has set up special plans to eradicate cannabis and narcotic substances in  district and will carry out regular inspections in mandals and villages. If there is any information about the sale of cannabis and any other intoxicants, they should immediately report to the police station or dial 100, and we will keep the names of those who have given the information confidential SP said.Task Force CI Ravinder, SI Ravinder Naidu and staff participated in this media conference.

Details of Accused:

1. Batta Ravinder s/o Bhumaiya, 35 years, Residing: Village Akkapur, Machareddy Mandal.

2.Ankar Praneet s/o Mallesham, 23 years, Residing: B.Y. Nagar, Sircilla.

3.Eega Krishna s/o Bhaskar, 25 years, Residing: B.Y. Nagar, Sircilla.

4. Ankar Hashwit s/o Mallesham, 22 years, Residence: B.Y. Nagar, Sircilla. Another person is absconding.