Instructions from Vemulawada Town Police on 16.08-2022 for National Anthem

Instructions on National Anthem singing

On 16.8.2022, before 11.00 am, a large number of people should gather in front of Rajarajeswara Devasthanam.

2. Should stay disciplined in the place everyone has been assigned.

3. Instructions given by the police must be followed.

4. Do not disturb the freedom of others.

5. A large number of children, women, old people and physically challenged people will attend this program so they should be treated with sensitivity.

6. Everyone should behave in a way that shows patriotism with a sense of brotherhood and sisterhood.

 To be done during National Anthem

  • National Anthem starts after Siren sounds, so no talking on phones, any noises, other sounds, slogans and other songs should be stopped after Siren sounds, only National Anthem should be sung standing and saluting the National Flag, Cell phones and other electrical devices should be switched off and everyone should also stand Must be disciplined, park motorcycles without interfering with other vehicles, do not sit on top of motorcycles and other vehicles during anthem.
  • Do not believe any rumours, follow the instructions given by the police instead of stampeding and fighting as more people will gather at one place.
  • Due to the presence of many people in one place in this event, there is a possibility of theft, so be careful. And those who come to the song place and travel on motor vehicles during the early hours must follow the traffic rules by wearing helmets and seat belts to avoid any accidents and traffic disruptions said by O.Venkatesh, Inspector of Police Vemulawada Town PS