International Yoga Day Celebrations at Kottha Cheruvu Park- Sircilla

Rajanna Sircilla District SP Rahul Hegde have attended for International Yoga Day celebrations conducted by the district AYUSH department on Tuesday at Kottha Cheruvu Park as chief guest, in this regard he said that yoga is a valuable gift given by the ancient culture of India for the perfect health of people all over the world. He said that people in all countries have recognized the power, importance and benefits of yoga and brought yoga into use. Unlike any other exercise, yoga is the only way to achieve mental and physical health balance without the need of any exercise equipment. Yoga can lead to a better life, excellent physical, mental and spiritual health, with better thoughts. All those who have made yoga a part of their daily life are enjoying a happy life. If everyone do yoga for half an hour or an hour a day, most of the lifestyle diseases would be prevented and one can have a peaceful life without stress.

Municipal Chairperson Jindam Kala Chakrapani said that, yoga is the greatest gift that India has given to the world for the health of all mankind. She said that in order to maintain health, everyone must exercise properly.

District Deputy Nodal Officer Dr. Neeraja said that, Yoga is the best tool for every man to live a perfectly healthy life. Yoga helps a lot in coming up with good ideas. Yoga is said to be the best way to get peace of mind. Scientifically yoga is spread all over the world and society will improve if man comes up with good ideas.

Yoga Instructors, Patanjali District Coordinator Eligeti Krishna and people who came to the event did yoga asanas. The event was attended by Municipal Chairperson Jindam Kala Chakrapani, District Deputy Nodal Officer of Yoga Celebrations Dr. Neeraja, District Public Relations Officer Mamindla Dasharatha patanjali yoga, lions club team, sri rama Chandra mission, police shaka, Ayush staff Asha’s.