Mahashivratri jathara celebrations with proper planning coordination- district collector

Mahasivaratri is a festival celebrated in India in order to pay tribute to lord Shiva for his sacrifice to this world in taking poison that came out as an element during ‘Ksheerasagara madhanam” by Devathas and Asuras in process of getting Amrutham. While taking the poison it was stopped in his throat which made his neck look blue so he got the name “Neelakanta” (meaning blue throat). Every year this day is celebrated as Mahashivaratri in which devotees show their bhakti by doing fasting with fruits and liquids and do jaagaran (not sleeping till early morning by remembering Shiva by doing abhishekams, poojas and stotras).

Vemulawada Rajarajeswara swamy temple is also known as Dakshina Kashi where Mahasivaratri festival is celebrated in a great way for which the district collector Anurag Jayanthi has order for proper planning and coordination oriented celebrations .In this regard, collector said that from various places to Vemulawada 655 buses will be available  as well as from bus stand to temple 14 mini buses will be available. For old aged as well as physically challenged people to travel, specific time will be provided and should be allowed them for darshanam at a time which should be taken care by officers. Parking entry and exit sign boards should be maintained and explained properly. Barricades for traffic control, health care centres in which covid testing and vaccination should be provided. For devotees, water packets and buttermilk packets should be provided while they were standing in line for darshanam. And for maintaining cleanliness 500 sanitation workers should be provided as per collector orders.