Maintain law and order using of modern technology -District SP Akhil Mahajan IPS

District SP Akhil Mahajan IPS, has directed the officers of the district to act diligently in maintaining law and order and to use modern technology in the prevention of crimes.

A meeting was held with the officials at the district police office on 23.02.2023 regarding the law and order situation and pending cases. SP said on this that the police officers of all levels should move forward with renewed enthusiasm for the control and solving of crimes. He said that by allocating more time for patrolling in suspected areas where crimes are likely to be committed, crimes will come under control.

Actions should be taken according to the plan to solve the pending cases quickly and reduce the number of pending cases. In the pending cases, investigation should be done according to the plan of action and SOP and the cases should be solved. He ordered to pay special attention to SC/ST cases and speedy completion of investigation in POCSO Act cases. As part of the prosecution, all the officers and staff should work hard to execute the non-bailable warrants issued by the court against the accused or the absconding criminals. He said that continuous patrols should be conducted with Blue Colts and Petrocar units in the area of every police station. During patrolling, Blue Colt and Petrocar personnel should use live scanners and mobile security devices to identify suspected persons and old criminals so that crimes can be controlled. He said that the priority should be given to the affected people who come to the police station to respond in a humane manner and solve their problems quickly. He said that the police will get special recognition by being available every day and providing quality services. He said that officers should regularly visit the villages and interact with the people to create awareness about cyber, she team, road safety, traffic rules, and use of CC cameras, dial 100 etc. He said that Officials of all levels should set up a special information system to clamp down on illegal activities.

He suggested that the 17 functional verticals undertaken by the Telangana State Police Department should be strictly implemented and provide better services to the people by using technology. The newly launched 2.0 in CCTNS has been made with state-of-the-art technology and the details of the case should be recorded in CCTNS on any given day. Officers performing duties as verticals have been advised to upload their duties in CCTNS. Appreciation certificates have been handed over to 26 police personnel and officers who have shown outstanding talent in vertical. The District SP was especially appreciated for performing his duties effectively from the Home Guard Officer to the higher level officer without any untoward incident during the Maha Shivratri Fair.

Additional SP Chandraiah, DSPs Vishwaprasad, Nagendrachari, Ravikumar, CIs Anil Kumar, Upender, Mogili, Venkatesh, Bansilal, Kiran, Madhukar, Sarwar, RIs Kumaraswamy, Rajinikanth, SIs IT core staff were present in this meeting. Participated.