Minister KTR reviewed various development and welfare programs in the district in IDOC

Ministerial review of the progress of first phase two-bedroom houses. Grounding should be done as soon as possible in several villages of Mustabad Mandal Chikodu, Morrai Palli, Ellareddy Peta Mandal Patira, Bandalingam Palli, Akkapally villages, Gambhiraopeta Mandal and Tangallapalli Mandal.

Houses should be allocated to the deserving by using lottery method. Double bedroom houses should be given to the poorest of the poor who have no houses irrespective of political parties. It is the responsibility of concerned Sarpanch, MPTC, ZPTC, MPP to ensure that sanctioned houses are grounded. To complete 6886 double bedroom houses sanctioned for Rajannasircilla District. With the participation of public representatives till Sankranti festival. At saturation level, in Rajannasiricilla district, it should be calculated that how many people need houses in all the mandals. Demand assessment should be done scientifically by the authorities and report should be submitted on Sankranthi. Double bedroom houses or individual houses for all eligible till Sankranti should be granted. After Sankranti festival grant of houses to all the deserving ones will be done. There should not be any homeless people in any village of the district. Building a house and getting married is a difficult task. The state government does both of those things.