Mission Bhagiratha pending works should be finished earlier- district collector Anurag Jayanthi

  In a meeting at integrated district office bhavan complex meeting hall, district collector Anurag Jayanthi insisted to speed up the pending works of mission bhagiratha towards completion. In this regard he also said that

  1. In district, 13 mandals have 359 drinking water supply.
  2. As  per the need, 2 GLBR, 10 OHR, 5 Pump houses, 25 storage tanks and 21 pumps construction was finished.
  3. Intra distribution pipe line leakage at Koyapalli, Satharajpalli should be repaired as soon as possible.
  4. At Vemulawada segment town 50% and at village 100% drinking water is been supplied every day.
  5. At Vemulawada, the remaining 16 habitation’s pending work should be finished  as early as possible and should be handed over to municipality.
  6. Water audit should be done by forming committees for it.
  7. Every Monday, bulk water supply, storage water and water supply amounts should be submitted for work transparency.