A story of two warrior brothers who were Territorial vassal or governor (Saamantha Raju) before 6th century B.C. The story begins at Rajanna Sircilla district, Konaraopet mandal Dharmaaram village at Undrugutta where Peddanna Chinnanna Temple is situated. There in a cave Peddanna and Chinnana idols  have been carved out of wood. Once there used to be a stone door for that cave with nicely carved sculptures on it. Infront of the cave, there used to be a naturally formed water pond for utility which is now dried up. Till now we can see traces of horse carts moved once on the stones. Along with God Vinayaka idol some stone carved idols used to be there in these caves which were destroyed while hunting for treasure.

As per the history, in Northen Telangana ,Aasmika kingdom with Bhodan as capital, Peddanna and Chinnanna used to work as Territorial vassals and has used this cave as their secret place. They used to mingle with people in that village as one of them and got recognised in the hearts of people as idols in the temple.