Rare North directed Yogasayana Lord Vishnu

A rare idol of Yogasayana Lord Vishnu which is in North direction is been found at rajannasircilla district Ogulapur Rayini pond . This idol has rare specialties of heading in north direction, one and half feet height, two and half feet length with a five headed anantha nag on which God Vishnu is seen in sleeping pose. This idol is having all jewellery finely carved in stone and having mustaches too. In this idol Goddess Laxmi , Madhu and Kitava demons and all devathas are also carved. As per New Telangana History convener  Sri Ramoji Haragopal, this type of rare idol of God  Vishnu and in this size was found for the first time. The temple for this idol have been destroyed long back and only idol its flagpole was found intact. …….Allae Ramesh

Lord Vishnu Idol