Pre-planned illegal land sales at Rajanna Sircilla

Government lands worth of some crores of rupees has been occupied illegally in a pre- planned official manner. Tangellapally surrounding area has similar story, one of the resident of house number 5-19 who’s property has been sold to some other person and the data related to it has been found in sale deed officially. Everything seems to be going as per the regulations but as per grampanchyat record dated 19/02/2021, house number 4-20/5 was the actual registration provided to the above residents. So, now whereabouts of land that has been sold with house number 5-19 is a question mark as it has been illegally occupied.

Recently, in some mandals many fake documents has been created and middle class people has been drowned into such illegal land sales officially. In Tangellapally village more than 27,225 sq.ft government land is there as per the villagers. As they cannot be registered legally, the illegal occupants have created fake documents and started selling them. This is happening due to the sheer negligence of officials at registration office as they need to enquire every aspect before registering lands which was not happening resulting in the middle and poor class people’s to face the consequences.