Rajanna Premium League – 2023 Kabaddi and Volleyball Tournament

Rajanna Premium League – 2023 Kabaddi and Volleyball Tournament being held at the local mini stadium on 09.02.2023 was inaugurated by Municipal Corporation President Mrs. Jindam Kala Chakrapani, ZP Chairperson Mrs. Nalakonda Aruna Raghavareddy and Additional Collector Satya Prasad.

On this occasion, President of Municipal Corporation Mrs. Jindam Kala Chakrapani said that Kabaddi, our National sport, has gained special recognition all over the world today. She said that many players from India have achieved international recognition in Kabaddi and Volleyball sports and are role models for many new players. According to the orders of Minister KTR, this Rajanna Premium League 2023 tournament will be organized under the supervision of District Sports and Youth Development Department in Rajannasircilla. On behalf of the volleyball and kabaddi players, on behalf of the sports fans, on behalf of the members of our governing body, she expressed her sincere gratitude to Ministers KTR for organizing sports tournaments, especially for the development of Kabaddi and Volleyball, to help increase concentration in the physical and mental growth of the youth. Addressing the players, she said that they should play with perseverance and skill and try to win. Also, she said rhat she hopes that the players participating in this tournament will play at the national and international level of the state in the coming days and bring good name to our region. She reminded that during the regime of Chief Minister KCR, with the cooperation of Ministers KTR, this mini stadium was developed with special funds of about three crore rupees and a new volleyball academy was also established in it. Besides, in the college ground of Sirisilla town, with the special funds of two and a half crores rupees, the development works of university sports such as walking track, volleyball court, kabaddi court, cricket ground should be done in the most ways and the college ground should be made more beautiful and made available to the public soon. After introducing the players, the cricket and kabaddi tournament was started by tossing. Councilor Rapalli Aruna Lakshminarayana, District Youth and Sports Department Officer, Government Officials, Exercise Teachers, Cricket and Kabaddi Players and Sports Fans participated in the programme.