Rajannasircilla District Police Services in 2021

IPC crimes: Compared to last year 553 cases has been reduced, in 2020 year 2737 cases has been filed and in 2021 cases filed are 2184.

  • In 2021 year, 12 murders have occurred
  • 10 daylight thefts has occurred in the year 2021
  • 441 night time thefts has occurred in 2021
  • Murder attempt cases are 31 filed in 2021
  • 162 cheating cases have been filed in 2021
  • 24 kidnap cases have been filed in 2021 all of them are solved by police
  • 102 road accidents  in 2021 in which deaths occurred
  • 79 road accidents occurred in 2021
  • 273 road accidents occurred in 2020 which were reduced to 190 in 2021
  • In district, 76 thefts have occurred in which 44.95% has been recovered and Rs.39, 73,164/- and 40 vehicles have been recovered.
  • 57 SC/ST cases have been filed in 2021
  • 24 rape cases have been filed in 2021
  • 38 POCSO law related cases have been filed in 2021
  • 167 domestic violence cases have been filed in 2021
  • 84 women harassment cases have been filed in 2021
  • 4 cases of dowry deaths have been filed in 2021
  • 210 suicide cases have been filed in 2021
  • 15 cybercrime cases have been filed in 2021
  • 535 sand transport vehicles have been filed in 2021.

PD act: In district surroundings near chandurthi police station, duplicate seeds illegal transport has been filed under PD act on two people.

Gaming act/gambling: Under gaming act/ gambling act, 19 cases on 114 people and Rs.3,98,000/- have been seized and 22 petti cases on 110 people have been filed and Rs.1,44,200/- was seized.

PDS rice: PDS rice illegal transport, in which 77 cases have been filed and 118 members have been arrested seizing Rs.1953040/- valuable PDS rice.

Drugs: Under marijuana illegal transport, 21 cases have been filed and 50.692 Kgs of marijuana gave been seized and 52 members were arrested.

Gutka cases: 69 gutka cases have been filed and Rs.11,91,298/- have been seized

Duplicate seeds: 4 cases have been filed on duplicate seeds transport and 9 have been arrested in district.

Rowdy sheets: 26 new rowdy sheets have been opened on persons who are involved in too much unsocial deeds and till now 152 rowdy sheets are opened in district.

Operation muskhan and operation smile: Under this operation 79 child labourers have been rescued and returned to their parents and parents have been counselled.

Cricket betting: In 2021, 10 were arrested who have been involved in cricket betting.

Gulf cheating cases: 4 cases have been filed against those who has cheated saying that they will send people to gulf.

Court vertical: 40 pending and non bailable cases have been executed.

Life imprisonment to murders: In district, 2 have been sentenced for life on murder case by court and Rs. 2000/- fine has been implemented per each prisoners in the case.

Lokadalath: 953 cases have been solved in lokadalath.

Job mela: For creating employment to youth in district, job mela have been conducted.

Health camp: To care for the police staff health, with the cooperation of Yashoda hospitals Hyderabad, health camp has been conducted and 200 police staff including S.P.Hedge has undergone all health checkups.

Blood donation camp: Rajannasircilla district police headquarters has conducted a blood donation camp in which 50 police staff have donated blood.

Praja diwas: On every Monday, in district police station praja diwas will be conducted in which a total of 740 complaints have been received and solved.

For serving people in a fast pace, IPMS (integrated platform management system) has been made available to people and Blue clots petro car vehicles have been launched. In district, dial 100 call response is 07 minutes and in the year 2021, a total of 14610 dial 100 calls have been attended and 416 FIRs have been filed.

Prathibha awards: Key performance indicator (KPI) helped evaluating the police in their performance towards their duty and respective awards and rewards were encouraged.

Every police station has been upgraded with 8shenson centres to avail people to launch complaints easily was done and for transparency in performing duties by police, petition management system have been adopted.

Using technical base 80 cases, finger prints 11 cases and by finger print mobile devices 8 cases have been cracked and solved.

Social media complaints:

Whatsapp complaints received 6406 and FIRs filed

 Facebook complaints 12 received, nil FIRs filed

Twitter 27 complaints received, 4 FIRs filed.

In the coming year 2022, every person should be happy, peaceful and safe, for that friendly police policy will be adopted and Rajannasircilla district police will be responsible, answerable and transparent regarding their duties in safeguarding people’s wealth, dignity and lives. Wishing everyone a Happy new year ahead from police department.

Superintendent of police

Rajannasircilla district.