Real story behind Free Mobile Recharge messages

RSD- Cybercrime news:The pattern of crime in the society is changing day by day. They used to attack directly and rob, but now they are sitting somewhere and siphoning money into the account.

They are getting paid by sending a small link. There is a situation where we do not know whether to be happy that technology has increased or sad that cyber crimes have increased.

Cybercriminals are using every aspect in their favor and are now using the election season as well.
On the other hand, if the parties and political leaders are busy in the election campaign, some cyber criminals have taken advantage of this. They are plotting to rob people by luring them free. A message is going viral on WhatsApp and Facebook saying that they are giving free phone recharge for three months. People are also posting on WhatsApp groups without looking ahead. This message is becoming viral all over the country.

The gist of the message is to get free recharge for 3 months click on below mentioned link. It is noteworthy that this message is also in Telugu. As this message became somewhat viral, the ‘Press Information Bureau’ responded. As part of the fact check, it was concluded that the message is completely fake. But till now, even if no incidents of fraud have been reported by clicking this link, officials say that if you click on such fake links, there is a risk of being cheated.

Not only free recharge, some links are also going viral that some parties are offering discounts on these commerce sites during elections. It is mentioned in the message that if you click the link and shop, you can get a huge discount. But by clicking on such fake links, there is a risk of losing the money in the accounts, officials suggest that you should avoid them under any circumstances.