RMP,PMP doctors service is unforgettable – Municipal association president


On 19.10.2022, at RMP building in Sircilla town RMP and PMP committee membership certificate distribution program was attended by Municipal association President

In this regard, Mrs. Jindam Kala Chakrapani, President of the Municipal Association said that RMP doctors are in the forefront in providing basic treatment to the health problems of the people in the field and guiding them to provide proper treatment by the medical experts.

Chief Minister KCR recognized the services of RMP, PMP doctors and said that training classes will also be conducted under the Paramedical Board. Moreover, Minister KTR has said that for the welfare of RMP, PMP doctors in our region in the matter of acquiring land for RMP PMP Doctors’ Association building on the banks of Maneru river, they have provided financial assistance of around nine lakh rupees and have made special efforts to solve their problems for the establishment of association building.

RMP PMP doctors, who are very popular among the people, not only provide medical services for health problems, but also make people aware of cleanliness rules such as environmental cleanliness, which is very important for the protection of people’s health, and make them aware of the precautions to be taken to prevent health problems, and organize medical camps. .RMP, PMP Doctors should consider it as a social responsibility.

Later, membership certificates were distributed to the members of RMP PMP Association.

Councilor members RMP, PMP Paramedic Welfare Association Sircilla Town President Kudikala Ravikumar, Municipal Cooperation Members MD Asma Munir, RMP, PMP Association State Representative Ravinder, District President Dasi Rajamalu, RMP, PMP Sircilla Town Association General Secretary. Alwala Ishwar, Treasurer Jadala Ashok, President Masam Bhaskar, Town Vice Presidents Chimmani Ravinder, Thippavaram Prabhakar and members of the RMP, PMP Association at the town level  have participated