RTC bus travel a burden to poor people

RTC bus fares are on the rise, Siricilla Civil Welfare Committee president Biyyamkar Srinivas says bus fares will increase for the second time in a month if the central government reduces diesel and petrol prices. It is a shame that there are governments that are making it difficult for people to suffer in such a way that the areas that are nearby people are going through the bullock carts or on foot. Instead of solving problems of RTC, visits to other states were done to seek their attention. Increased fares should be reduced. Ordinary bus fares should be kept at the old rates. Ordinary buses should be exempted from inflated fares. Increase the number of ordinary buses are the suggestions of Sircilla civil welfare committee president Biyyamkar Srinivas and Satyasai Seva Samithi Charitable Organization Presidents Chikoti Anil Kumar Janojago Central Committee Member MD Meraj, Civil Welfare Committee Members Dontula Pratap Chippa Devdas Bhujamkar Sandeep Kusuma Ganesh.