Sammakka & Sarakka fair/ Jathara – Mee seva services by Telangana Government

World famous and well known fair/Jathara of Sammakka and Saralamma at Warangal district will be started from tomorrow on maagha purnima  16.02.2022. This is a fair or festival of forest goddess/Vana Devatha in which idol worship is not seen and instead some props like vermilion box will be worshiped in the name of goddess. Sammakka and Saralamma are mother and daughters which is a unique combination of jathara which cannot be seen in any part of the world. People do this jathara as a tribute to Pagididdaraju, Nagulamma, Saralamma and Govindaraju’s sacrifice in war against Kakathiya army. When these sacrifices were known by Sammaka , she fought against Kakathiya army ferociously. When Kakathiya army understood that their defeat in the hands of Sammakka is destined, they backstabbed her with a spear but surprisingly she disappeared at chilukala gutta.

So, people show their Bhakthi in the form of jathara for four days starting on maagha purnima. People show their tribute by giving jaggery (thinking that it is gold) for Sammakka Sarakka. And this jaggery is taken as prasadam by people which now can be availed through Mee Seva portal if Rs. 225/- are deposited online then it will be delivered to the provided address. The cost of prasadam is Rs.190/- and service charges are Rs.35/-. This is an opportunity provided by Telangana Government considering the difficulties of people who could not attend the jathara. People are asked to make use of this opportunity and get blessings with prasadam of Sammakaa and Saralamma.