Shramadaanam by 17th Police Battalion –Rajannasircilla district

Shramadaanam Program

Due to the spread of viral fevers and diseases like dengue and chicken pox during the rainy season, the personnel of the 17th Police Battalion under the command of Battalion Commandant Mr. K.Subramaniam adopted a Mandal Parishad Primary School in Sardapur village and cleaned the premises to prevent such diseases. All the battalion personnel removed the garbage, bushes and wild plants from the school. The school premises were cleaned and  lime was painted around the trees.

In this program, Assistant Commandant M. Parthasarathy Reddy, Sardapur 9th Ward Councilor Lingampally Satyanarayana, R.I. P. Srinivas, P. Narayana, D. Shankar, P. Rajender, B. Sridhar officers and staff participated.