Sircilla Civil Welfare Committee questions working of Sircilla municipal office- as per RTI

Sircilla Municipal Office Junior Assistant was not in a good mental condition and was there without doing any section duty in the office for the past 10 years. As per the answers given by municipal commissioner for RTI applications, the issue of sufficient staff not appointed and the work burden is on the existing employees was also addressed. The request to appoint more employees so that all municipal works will be going in a smooth manner was done. The request letters regarding the above issue were approved unanimously by municipal commissioner. In this meeting, Chairman: -Biyankar Srinivas, Vice-Chairman: – Gajabinkar Mallaji, General Secretary,: – Vemula Satyanarayana, Assistant Secretary Kusuma Ganesh, Treasurer Chippa Devdas Working Committee Anna Venkatesam, Dontula Pratap, Boga Venkatesam have took part.