Sonia Gandhi announced 6 assurances for Telangana

RSD-Telangana news: Before the Karnataka elections, the Congress party, which had announced 5 promises to the Karnataka state and won, has now announced 6 promises to Telangana.

These are the 6 guarantees:

  1. Mahalakshmi Scheme
  2. Rythu Bharosa Scheme
  3. Gruha Jyoti Scheme
  4. Indiramma House Scheme
  5. Yuva Vikasam Scheme
  6. Contributory Pension Scheme

After coming to power, the above six schemes will be implemented. Under the Grihalakshmi scheme, women in Telangana are given Rs.2,500 per month. Also, women can travel free in RTC.

Under the Griha Jyoti scheme, 200 units of electricity per month is provided free of cost to every household. Poor women of the state will be given a gas cylinder for Rs.500. Rs.15,000 per acre per year under Rythu Bharosa. The same is given to the tenant farmer. Farmers get Rs 12,000 a year.

Under the Yuva Vikasa scheme, students are provided with education insurance cards worth Rs.5 lakh. Under the Indiramma house scheme, Rs. 5 lakh will be given for the construction of a house.