Head constable dies in road accident

RSD_Head Constable died in road accident at Kamareddy

RSD-Kamareddy news:  A tragedy happened in the police department. A head constable named Srinivas Goud died in a road accident.Srinivas Goud of 1995 batch, who was working as head constable at Ellareddypeta police station, died in a road accident at Tadwai in Kamareddy district on 27.04.2024 night. In the past, he also served as Head Constable in Gambhiraopet Police Station and earned a reputation as a gentleman. Recently he went to Kamareddy district on transfer to Tadwai Police Station. Srinivas Goud’s native village is Mustabad in Rajannasircilla district and earlier his family settled in Kamareddy. Srinivas Goud, Ellareddypeta Rural CI Srinivas Goud, Ellareddypeta SI Ramakanth, Gambhiraopet SI Rammohan, Konaravupeta ASI Srinivas Reddy expressed deep shock over the death of Srinivas Goud.