State wide strike of hospital workers and helpers- demand to implement G.Os

On 5th January 2022, at  Rajanna Sircilla District,  state wide hospital working staff and helper staff have done strike demanding to get the G.Os be implemented to increase salaries as per the released G.Os. And also questioning government that why there is bias in implementation of G.Os 510, 730, 306, 68 and 60 for various regions.

  • As per G.O 60 ,salaries has to be increased for hospital workers
  • As per G.O 68 released by labour department, salaries has to be provided for the workers of hospital.
  • As per G.O 306, minimum Rs.16,000/- has to be provided for hospital workers as per  labour department (Implemented for NIMS hospital sanitation, sweepers, patient care staff).
  • As per G.O 510, 730, salaries of health department NHMs was increased but bias within the same state should be removed.

Demands of the strike:

  1. Within the health education, health policy section range, hospital staff like patient care, sanitation, sweepers, security, contract, and outsourcing employee’s salaries has to be increased as per the G.Os. 68 and 60
  2. Provident fund has to be properly secured without any interference of contractors.
  3. Apart from labour department decided holidays, 24 casual leaves per year should be provided.
  4. Third party contract policy has to be removed and manpower recruitment should be taken care by concerned hospital officers to avoid contractor’s corruption.
  5. Sanitizers, masks, gloves, PPE kits should be provided in sufficient amount every day for the hospital working staff and labour which is a minimum provision from the government side. Corona incentives should be provided.