Street corner meeting to solve the public problems

In the street corner meeting in Illanthakunta mandal Gojeepur booths,PM  Narendra Modi ji was explaining the public welfare schemes of the Bharatiya Janata Party government to the people.Bendram.Tirupathi Reddy mandal BJP president speaking said that Kalvakuntumba looted lakhs of crores during the nine-year rule in Telangana state. 5 lakh crores of debt is not the stolen money, he said, in these 9 years our state, at least our Illantakunta mandal has not developed, for whom all the people have fought to achieve this Telangana state, he asked, it is for this family of Kalvakuntla, if the students believe in giving jobs to the families, then the state of Telangana will enjoy the falsified romises that have come. He said that the Bharatiya Janata Party should win if our mandal has to develop. Srinivas, Constituency Joint Convener Bathini.Swami, Mandal BJP Leaders Bollaram.Parasaramulu, Chittala.Srinivas, Salendri. Karunakar, Bollaram. Prasanna, Rangu. Ramesh, BJP leaders, activists and people participated.