Strong security to prevent any untoward incident during Maha Shivratri festival: District SP Akhil Mahajan IPS.

For the Mahashivratri fair which will be held from 17th to 18th of this February month 2023, security arrangements should be made to ensure that the devotees from different parts of the country do not face any problem. The police officers along with the temple authorities have been patrolling the surrounding areas of Sri Rajarajeswara Swamy temple, darshan places, Dharmagundam, Shivarchan place, VIP parking and general parking areas. SP Akhil Mahajan, IPS., along with the officers, made appropriate suggestions.

SP said that all kinds of security arrangements will be made to ensure that thousands of devotees who come from all over the country do not face any trouble and avoid any untoward incidents for the Mahashivaratri fair which will be held from 17th to 18th of February month 2023 in Vemulawada, which is known as Dakshina Kashi. SP ordered the police officials to inspect every place and arrange heavy fencing so that the devotees and people coming to the fair do not face any problem, and to make proper arrangements for traffic diversions and parking of vehicles in a regular manner so as not to cause traffic problems due to the huge number of vehicles coming. During the fair, CCTV cameras will be installed in Vemulawada town and around the temple and all of them will be connected to the command control center and 24/7 monitoring will be done. Regarding queue lines for devotees, it is advised to set up extensive signboards regarding the paths to the parking places. The SP was accompanied by EO Krishnaprasad, Vemulawada DSP Nagendrachari, CI Venkatesh EE Rajesh, temple staff and police officials.