Students fires on college management at Basara IIIT

IIIT Basara

As it was summer holidays, when the students who went home came back to the hostel, their clothes and belongings were missing. When the staff were asked about this, they replied nonchalantly.
Basara Triple IT.. has become a center of discrimination against students from the beginning. Lack of facilities here.. Corrupted by disorganized rule. Already, the students have been protesting for a few days due to the lack of facilities. Governor Tamili also came here to express his solidarity with them and cheered Telangana CM KCR. And the government came down with the students’ concern.. Minister KTR came here and promised to provide facilities on behalf of the government.

Students have returned from 7th of this month as they have semester exams. This matter came to light. Parents of students are expressing their anger over this incident. Children.. Search for discarded items? Or write exams? They are asking. Basara Triple IT officials and staff have warned that if there is any disturbance to their children..