Telangana welfare hostels are in worst condition

RSD_ ABVP Hostels convenor says Telangana welfare hjostels are inworst condition

RSD- Peddapalli news: ABVP State Hostels Convener Maraveni Ranjith Kumar said that 30 students fell ill on 24.04.2024 due to the food of the Gurukula School in Sultanabad mandal center of Peddapalli district. Welfare hostels in the state are in worse condition than jails. 30 to 50 rupees three meals a day for the students of hostels and gurukuls, the state government is not providing proper meals to the students and is not paying attention to the conditions there. Mess charges have not been increased for seven years. If you put Rs.30, even plate idli will not come now outside the hostel. But the government wants to provide three meals of quality food to each student within that thirty rupees. How to get quality food. There are hostel gurukulas in the state worse than cattle sheds. Mess cosmetic charges should be increased. Where the state government is not giving fine rice as said, instead of thin rice they are giving thick rice. 950 mess charges per month from 3rd class to 7th class. Permanent wardens should be appointed for hostels. Beds, fans, geasers should be arranged. SC, ST, BC Minority Gurukul Residency Hostels which are in dilapidated system should be constructed in new buildings. Students are working as sweepers cleaning the toilets and getting infected with diseases. Every day in some district the food is not good or the students are coming to the roads and protesting which means how serious the problems are. Vibhag Hostels Convenor Rasuri Praveen ABVP Wing sfd District Convener Vishnubhaktula Rishi , Siddhartha, Vinay, Anil, Vivek, Purnachander, Abhishek, Venugopal, Shri Harsha, Pritam, Choppari Siddhartha, and others participated in this event.