Key turning point in phone tapping case

RSD_ Turning point in phone tapping case

RSD- Hyderabad news: A turning point has taken place in the Telangana phone tapping case. It seems that red corner notices have been issued against former SIB chief Prabhakar Rao. Police have already issued look-out notices against Prabhakar Rao. Now the publicity that red corner notices have been issued has become crucial in this case. Prabhakar Rao went abroad after the phone tapping affair came to light. With this, the police issued a look-out notice for the whereabouts of Prabhakar Rao. It seems that red corner notices have been issued due to lack of response to look out notices. Police found Prabhakar Rao in Texas, USA. Police found that Prabhakar Rao had gone to America on a six-month visiting visa. Prabhakar Rao is likely to come to India after four months as two months have already been completed. On the other hand, the police has accelerated the investigation based on the evidence in the case.

Another sensational development has also taken place in the phone tapping case. Cyber terrorism sections have been registered against the arrested police. These cyber terrorism cases will be registered against them if the security of the country is threatened by the software. Police is using such IT Act 66(F) in phone tapping case. Jodi court has filed a memo under Section 66(F) of the IT Act. Under Section 66(F) if the case is proved the punishment is life imprisonment. A case has already been registered under IT Act 70. The IT Act 70 carries a 10-year jail term. The police have recently registered a case under Section 66(F) of the IT Act. The top police officers say that cyber terrorism has been committed with phone tapping. However, the police filed a petition in the court to allow the registration of cases under the IT Act.

The Nampally court will give its verdict on the bail petition of Praneet Rao, Bhujanga Rao, Radhakishan Rao and Tirupatanna on 25.04.2024 who are involved in phone tapping case. Arguments on the bail petition have already been concluded by both sides. The counsel for the accused brought to the attention of the court that the full details have already been collected from the arrested persons. The petitioner-Council argued that the evidence collected by the police has not been presented to the court so far. On the other hand, PP argued that if the bail is granted while the investigation of the case is going on, the evidence will be tampered with. And there is suspense as to what the court will decide on this.