Study material provision for poor unemployed – Chanchal Guda Jail SP

RSD_ provision of study material by SP

By Chanchal Guda Jail SP Nawab Shivkumar to Rajanna Sircilla District Mandal Ellareddypet Racharla Koora Sai Pranai of Boppapur village and to Mahmood Abdul Racharla of Gollapelli village who are preparing for the competitive exams and are poor and unemployed, free study material was provided to them today. In this regard, SP said to the unemployed people that if they study with persistence, they will get a job. He said that study material will be given to the poor unemployed who are preparing for the job, and we want to provide study material for Group 1, Group 2, SI and other competitive exams on behalf of save the girl child organization. Kura Sai Pranay Mohammed Abdul said thanks to Chanchal Guda SP Shivkumar.