The main road has become a place of accidents now due to the damage caused by recent floods because of heavy rains. Low laying areas have been in water for days together leading to heavy damage to the roads in and around making the lives of people in danger.

The main road  of Sircilla Kamareddy, New Bus stand, Old Bus stand till Kotha cheruvu, has many holes which are dangerous and accident prone. The concerned officers has not taken any action till now regarding and not even a danger sign board has been kept until the roads have been repaired.

The main road near Gopal nagar where a hole has been formed due to heavy rains was covered temporarily by people with branches and leaves so that it may atleast get the attention of drivers to avoid it while driving as a concern of safety. The concerned officers negligence has made people to do so to save their own lives.

People are hopeful that atleast now the concerned officers will react and do their duty in saving lives of people from such accidents.

Weights and Measures Department – Surprise raids on ration shops at Sircilla

As per the previous news on ration dealers, the officers in the department of Weights and Measures Department has responded and has done sudden surprise raids on the ration shops at Sircilla, as per the news reported earlier in this regard, some ration shops are been caught doing the fraudent deeds in weighing lesser kilograms of rice than the determined amount of 35 kilograms as per the AAY scheme. At two places in Sircilla, that is at Subhash nagar ration shop no:3908027 and at  Nehru nagar ration shop no:3908035 this fraud has been reported by the officers in their raid and those two shops were charged with certain amount of fine in this regard. The officers also requested people that if any such problems are happening then they can report to them and also assured that these raids will be continued to check the transparency in distribution of goods to the people as per the  government norms.hat these raids will be continued to check the transparency in distribution of goods to the people as per the  government norms.


In Sircilla town, the construction of New Dobhighat at Venkampet road by government with 1crore 5lakhs of public money is totally  a waste as it is exclusively constructed in area where once ponds were there. People are questioning that how the town planning commission  has agreed to construct in such an area. Due to recent heavy rains, the entire Venkampet area is under water as there is no way for the rainwater to flow away due to obstruction of this Dobhighat construction. And due to this rain the newly constructed Dobhighat building also got cracks.

People are also questioning that how public funds are used irresponsibly and without any proper planning. This shows the pure negligence of the officers who gave permission for the construction and the land  approval for it making people’s lives at risk . People are still surprised that how such a thing can happen in Honorable minister KTR’s constitution.


In KTR’s constitution, Sircilla KTR has promised to solve the flood affected area’s due to heavy rains in monsoon season 2021. Till now areas has not been recovered and are  repeatedly affected even with small amount of consistent rain. This situation is evident in Shanti Nagar Sircilla due to yesterday’s rain. People are questioning negligence of the  officers and their duties towards the recovery of affected areas. People are also saying that we trust KTR’s promise but execution of duties by the concerned officers is not in action till now. School going children and the normal life of the people is being suffered due to the negligence of the officer’s yet people are believing that KTR will definitely keep his promise.