Press meet to clear allegations on Sircilla municipal corporation

RSD_ Clarification on allegations on municipal corporation sircilla

RSD- Sircilla news: On 02.02.2024, a press meet was organized under the chairmanship of Municipal Corporation President Mrs. Jindam Kala Chakrapani and the Congress party leaders and condemned the comments made against Sircilla Municipal Corporation on 01.02.2024.

On this occasion they said that, on 02.02.2024, some Congress leaders worked hard and made baseless allegations against the governing body of Sircilla Municipal Corporation. They said that it is very sad that those who have made these allegations are those who have provided services to the public as members of the governing body of the municipal society. During the previous BRS government, due to the efforts of the then Ministers and current legislators KTR, the then Telangana State’s first Chief Minister KCR allocated around 40 crore rupees for the purpose of providing infrastructure to the people in order to develop the labor area Sircilla and 15 crore for the construction of canal at Kothacheruvu.  As a part of that, a special fund of 40 crore rupees has been released to Sircilla Municipal Corporation on 18-7-2023 with the intention of providing urgent infrastructure to the people for developing various junctions to establish link roads for urban development. Later, on 25th July 2023, when the municipal office received a copy of the above o, it is said that without neglecting anywhere, without misappropriation of funds to benefit the people, special meetings were arranged with the respective ward councilors and officials and 254 works were identified as urgent works to be done for the people and as a next step, proposals were sent to the district collector for official approval to undertake such works. . The Collector said that in view of the urgency of the people needs, he has given approval to carry out these development works on 5-9-2023. After that, in order to continue the further tender process, it has been sent to the engineering department officials (ENC) in Hyderabad seeking technical approvals from the Telangana state government. Technical approvals from the authorities came  by 25th September 2023, with the aim of providing better services to the people without lagging anywhere in works, on the same day i.e. 25-9-2023, tenders were called for development works worth 40 crore rupees. It is allegedly said by the congress party people that before the tender process was completed, the tenders were opened and the development works started, but the work did not start due to the unexpected arrival of the election code. Today, some of the Congress leaders who are criticizing this matter include those who continued as members of the governing body of the Municipal Corporation. They said that they do not know whether the development works in the municipality are done by word of mouth and have they forgotten that there is a tender process. After the elections, the newly formed Congress government in the state has temporarily suspended the works of 40 crore rupees allocated by the previous BRS government for public welfare.

“How reasonable is it for the Congress government to allocate only 2 crore rupees to the Sircilla Municipal Corporation instead of Rs. 40 crores and to mislead the people?” Today in Sircilla Municipal Corporation, due to the increase in urban area due to the amalgamation of villages, there is a need for more personnel such as sanitation workers and other workers to provide better services to the people. Accordingly, if the municipal income is above 87 lakhs per month, the expenditure will be up to 1 crore 30 lakhs per month. Although the cost will be higher each time, we, the members of the ruling party, the members of the previous government and the present legislators, are continuing to do our best to create sources of income and provide better services to the people in support of the development of the municipality.

It is true that there is some deficit in the general fund due to such reasons, but we cannot tolerate baseless comments that there is corruption in the municipality. Above the development of the municipality, how much funds has been given by any government in the past. They said that they are ready for discussion and said that the leaders of the Congress party should adhere to those criticisms before making any criticism, saying that they should know the truth and talk about it. All the people know the progress made by Sircilla in 10 years during the last government’s regime, the ministers of the previous government and the present legislators KTR will always be committed to the development of Sircilla and we are all very proud to be part of this development along with them.

If the leaders of the Congress party really want Sircilla’s development, then they should bring more special funds and compete with the previous BRS government to do more development works than during the previous BRS government.  It said that they have done many development works under the leadership of our BRS government with the cooperation of legislator KTR to make the people happy at any time seeking the welfare of the people, but we have never made the people to suffer to hinder the development. Municipal Vice Chairman Manche Srinivas, Councilor members Darnam Aruna Lakshminarayana, Adapu Saujanya Mahender, Bhukya Reddy Naik, Lingampally Satyanarayana and co-option members MD Asma Munir participated in this program.