Fading effect of BRS due to ED raids

RSD_ Fading effects of BRS, due to ED raids

RSD- Telangana news: KCR’s sin of committing illegal acts while in power will cause chaos to his family members, the systems built by KCR are collapsing in front of his eyes due to the attacks of investigation agencies. BRS’s influence will fade after the defeat in the assembly elections. On one side, all the key leaders are jumping from the party. On the other side, a series of cases are coming around. KCR’s daughter Kavitha has already been arrested. In the wake of these developments, investigative agencies have raided the homes of KCR’s relatives. On the one hand, the ED has investigated Kavitha’s financial dealings. Anil Rao’s sister Akhila and their relaltive Meka Charan houses have been raided. In the same order, the officials are getting ready to ask former Telangana CM KCR as a witness to ED to explain some questions and they say that this process will continue after Kejriwal’s investigation. They say that this process will continue with son-in-law Anil and Srinivasa Rao, the closest friend of Santosh Rao, who adjusted the money in those days.

In Telangana, there are many links that were used for illegal activities by tapping the phone, Praneet Rao said in the investigation that it is clear that the channel MD on the one hand misses you, on the other hand, the paper owner used another line, and it is revealed that Prabhakar Rao’s brother-in-law Ashwini Rao and family members were there. In another line, they say that if an investigation is conducted on the role of the owner, who was a clerk to the then government, there will be chances of uncovering the anarchists who made more secrets. Police officers found that Prabhakar Rao ,Radhakrishna Rao had gone to America, if Prabhakar Rao is interrogated, there is a chance of clarifying the role of the then BC Minister.

When Praneet Rao was suspended in the phone tapping case, the then SIB chief Prabhakar Rao went to America and immediately Radhakrishna, along with a news channel person, went to America, but he was calling his father to contact Praneet Rao directly. It is reported that if they touch the second branch and ask where their names will be told, the families will be torn apart. The greed to earn money while the government is there is now keeping their families awake. It is reported that the investigating agencies will block KCR and his party leaders. It is known that many of the leaders have earned a lot of money with real estate shares.