Taking care of aged parents is the responsibility of the child- District Additional Collector

RSD_Elders Day

District Additional Collector N Khimya Naik said that it is the responsibility of children to nurture parents in their old age. In celebration of the International Day of the Elderly, the Collectorate started the Elderly Day celebrations on Saturday by lighting the torch. He said that children should be responsible towards their parents and take good care of their parents in their old age. The Additional Collector advised the authorities to create a wide awareness among the public on the Parental, Elderly Welfare Act 2007 and Rules 2011 in the district, opining that the taking care of parents is the responsibility of the children specially in their old age. The Additional Collector said that Indian culture is formed with family values ​​and it is very unfortunate that a law is brought in specifically for the protection of parents. He said that the state government will introduce support pensions and provide Rs.2016/- to the deserving senior citizens with the intention of enabling the elderly to live with at least self-respect.

He said that the children should fulfil the minimum requirements of the parents, otherwise it will be a crime according to the law. He said that according to the Parental Maintenance Act 2007, if the children oppose the maintenance of their parents, they can file a complaint under Criminal Procedure Code 125. After that, the elderly were honored by the District Additional Collector. The Chairman of the District Library, Akunuri Shankaraiah, District Welfare Officer Lakshmi Rajam, CDPOs Alekhya, Ellaiah and others participated in the program.