Discipline and commitment should be maintained by police staff – SP Rahul Hegde

RSD_Weekly parade and SP speech

A weekly parade was organized for the District Armed Reserve and Civil Police personnel at Rajannasircilla District Police Headquarters today. District SP Rahul Hegde IPS attended the parade and received the salute and then observed the performance of arms drill, foot drill, baton drill, traffic drill and staff performance.

In this regard, SP said that everyone should take care of their health and should do at least half an hour of yoga, meditation, walking every morning and avoid eating outside food as far as possible. The SP said that regular health check-up should be done. The weekly parade will help the staff to maintain discipline, unity and physical fitness. The staff should perform their duties with discipline and earn people’s trust and work to bring good name to the police department and the district, regardless of any problems related to the service. He said that even if there are problems, they will bring them to their attention through grievances in HRMS and they will work to solve the problems.

Additional SP Chandraya, RIs Kumaraswamy, Rajinikanth, Yadagiri, CIs Anil Kumar, Upender, Naveen Kumar, Lingamoorthy, SIs, RSIs, armed personnel and civil personnel participated in this parade.