Traffic control booth set up in Tippapur bus stand at Vemulawada town

District SP Rahul Hegde IPS inaugurated the traffic control booth set up in Tippapur bus stand at Vemulawada town , later district SP Rahul Hegde said that thousands of vehicles of devotees regularly come to Vemulawada for the darshan of Rajanna, and they are taking all precautions to prevent traffic disruption by keeping them in mind. District SP Rahul Hegde along with DSP Nagendrachari, CI Venkatesh and Bansilal police officials started the traffic booth set up for traffic control in collaboration with Leets Face Company.

After that, SP said that traffic control booths have been set up at the main intersections in the town for the purpose of traffic police, who are working on the roads for traffic control. He warned that devotees are coming to the town regularly, auto drivers should behave politely and legal action will be taken if there are any complaints. He said that even if there are other problems, the public and passengers can contact the traffic control booth located in the bus stand areas. He said that awareness programs are being conducted for traffic control in the district and motorists are advised to wear helmets and seat belts while driving. All those who drive vehicles are requested to cooperate with the police department by obeying the road rules and traffic rules. Motorists are requested to pay the traffic e-challans on their vehicles on time. Motorists who have more than three pending traffic e-challans should pay them on time. Otherwise the said vehicles will be impounded. People should follow the traffic rules and cooperate with the police. DSP Nagendrachari, CI Venkatesh, Bansilal, SI Venkatarajam and police personnel participated in this program.