Water scarcity not taken care by-Sircilla municipality

Its well known that for the development of Sircilla town, minister KTR has sanctioned crores of budget to make Sircilla as a  clean city. Recently 15 crores has been sanctioned for town development and works are in progress too. But no one is even ready to listen to the problems of wards that have been asked to merge in municipality. The 11th ward is facing problem of drinking water scarcity. Previously nearly 100 families would depend on bore well for drinking and utility water but its been under repair from past 6 months. The municipal pipe lines  were laid  when this ward was under panchayath. Since this village has been asked to merge in the municipality and so the place where pipeline was laid, now comes under rajiv nagar ward 2. So no water for 11th ward people.

It has also been shown that, officers are intentionally not addressing this water problem as evident that ward counsellor is not informed of the repair works going on for stadium near their ward because question may arise regarding the water scarcity problem if informed.

People are questioning the unjust way of ruling going on in various parts of the Sircilla town.