Where is democracy? Yellareddypet Vidyut Gram Panchyat Elections

On 14.02.2023, in Ellareddypet mandal center for the election of the representative candidates of Vidyut Cooperative Society in the Gram Panchayat, a day before in the village social media and in the morning by drumming, the election to be held at 9:45 started at 9:45 minutes and 13 candidates from the village registered their names in the Ellareddypet Gram Panchayat Precinct under the chairmanship of the Sarpanch. From that, four candidates asked to contest with the support of the candidates

.1) Pari Pelli Ramu Reddy 2) Baikada Rajaiah 3) Navuri Survey Gari Padma Reddy 4) Megi Narasiah while in the competition

 I will announce the name according to the decision of the election officer. Supporters should raise their hands and those who have meter number should show their support. When more than 85 people announced the name of Parupalli Ramreddy, all the supporters went to a room of Gram Panchayat to check the meter number. TRS MPTC husband is arguing in the middle of not holding the election because he does not have the information of Parsha Ramulu, he could not bear to see the support of Pari Pelli Ram Reddy and threatened the election officers and called someone who claimed to be a big leader of TRS and made the officers panic and created a fight in the middle of the police force and the victory of Pari Pelli Ram Reddy. The unannounced perversion of the TRS party leaders has been exposed, in the coming days people are noticing your petty politics is a way of degrading the dignity of four people who came to contest who can solve people’s problems for the development of a village. All the people are turning their noses up at this policy as done by the pride of power. They are walking around in the people because they are afraid that all their traps will be revealed. Democracy was destroyed by threatening and calling the district leaders. People are noticing all this, if people believe in you and vote for you and respect you as public representatives, then people are noticing your actions like uncivilized people. The people of Ellareddypet village are condemning this matter. Bharatiya Janata Party is also questioning this on behalf of people.