Yasangi(Rabi) paddy should be bought by Telangana State only- Bharatiya Kisan Union

As per the law, paddy that was cultivated in the state government has to be purchased by the respective state government only and central government does not have any sort of interference in it.

  • As per the constitution 7th schedule, Agriculture sector belongs to state government only so agriculture and its market belongs to state government only 100 percent, said by Bharatiya Kisan Union district president Nimma Naryana Reddy .
  • Chemical fertilizers, tractors, agricultural implements subsidy will be taken care by central government but their distribution is under state government.
  • Agricultural produce export is under state government.
  • FCI(Food Corporation of India) will stock up rice and wheat from largely cultivating states and will provide for the poor states in need so its role is food security for Indians.
  • But now almost all states can produce enough grains for their state people.
  • For distribution of stocked grains from FCI to states, central government is taking care, but again respective state government has the distribution right through ration shops.
  • Due to lack of transparency in this distribution to people through ration shops by state government ,again this central dispatched grains are been recycled and sent back to FCI.
  • For rice grains stocking in FCI except Telangana state, from no other state there is any problem reported ever.
  • And from past 7 years Telangana state government have purchased the Yasangi paddy, so as per rule this year also TS government has to purchase it.

A request letter demanding TS government to purchase Yasangi paddy as per the constitution rule is been submitted by Bakis, district chief secretary D. Deviyyah, ellareddypet mandal Reddy welfare president G. Venkat Reddy, S.Lakshma reddy, G.Ram Reddy, M. Srinivas Reddy, R.Ella Reddy.S Mall Reddy and other supporters to Ellareddypet mandal Thahasildar Jayanth.

BKU request letter for the purchase of Yasangi paddy by TS government as per rule