Young Woman Kidnapping Case turned to be for love marriage – SP Rahul Hegde

The couple who approached the SP in the SP office, were counseled by the district SP. SP said in this regard that as soon as the information was received that Shalini was kidnapped by a young man named Gyaneshwar (Johnny) along with his three friends while she was coming out with her father to worship at the Hanuman temple in the early hours of 20.12.2022 morning in Mudapalli, Chandurthi mandal of the district, the district police machinery was alerted and a special team was formed to start the investigation. As part of the investigation, two of the four were arrested at Vemulawada on the basis of CCTV footage. When the two were interrogated, they did not tell what had happened. Meanwhile, they sent a statement through video that the girl and the boy got married off their own free will. The girl admitted that we got married out of free will and that no one had forcibly kidnapped her. Similarly, we were told that we were in fear of our life threat from our family members, so both the family members were given counseling under Vemulawada DSP. They were assured that they would be protected under the police department without any fear of life. No one should waste the time of the district administration with such false information