17th Batalian Republic Day celebrations – Sardapur

On 26.01.2023, on the occasion of Republic Day, 17th Police Battalion Sardapur Battalion Commandant Mr. K. Subramaniam unfurled the national flag and congratulated the police officers and staff on the 74th Republic Day.

On this occasion, Commandant Mr. K. Subramaniam said that Dr. B.R. Ambedkar, Babu Rajendra Prasad, many academicians, legal experts and eminent people of various fields worked hard to draft the constitution. It took 2 two years 11 months 18 days to draft the constitution of India. The constitution was drafted under the draft committee headed by Dr. BR Ambedkar. The Constitution of India came into force on January 26, 1950.

On January 26, 1930, the national flag was hoisted for the first time in Lahore and the Poorna Swaraj Resolution was passed. Therefore, January 26th has a special meaning and the Constitution came into force from January 26th , 1950. He informed that January 26th , when the Indian Constitution came into force, is celebrated as Republic Day every year. Similarly, certificates of appreciation were handed over to three police personnel (ARSI-86, Anjaneulu, T. Rakesh PC-120 and B. Praveen PC-437) who showed excellence in performance of duty by the hands of the Collector. Officers and staff of the battalion participated in the programme.