Officers and staff of Rajanna Sircilla District Police bid farewell to Rahul Hegde IPS.

Mr. Rahul Hegde IPS congratulated all those who worked with discipline and dedication for the maintenance of public peace and security. The district police officials organized a farewell parade under the leadership of district SP Akhil Mahajan, who took charge as the new SP. SP Rahul Hegde IPS is going on transfer at the police headquarters on 27.01.2023, and high-ranking police officials and officers participated in it. In this regard, Rahul Hegde thanked everyone, from Home Guard Officers to higher officials, for working with him and under his orders with discipline and dedication without compromise for public peace. He said that he was happy to get the opportunity to work in the district for 5 years and it was a pleasure to go on the transfer with the memories. Government officers will be recognized if they provide the best services, police officers were advised to provide better services to the people in the coming days. He said that he has done his full responsibility within the law to ensure that the people live a peaceful life.