ABVP Medak on KGBV hostel facilities – Medak district

Medak KGBV hostel in Ramayampet, Medak district, there is a situation where students are getting seriously ill due to the fact that the students are not having proper facilities or eating wormed rice, and the students are getting sick. The students said that the CR Dharani of the school was causing serious problems to the students and that they were targeting the students who are asking why they could not provide proper food, so the ABVP leaders organized a dharna with the girl students in front of the school. Also the DEO was called KGBV State Office SPD and they responded and informed that they will provide infrastructure in the school and suspend CR Dharani within 24 hours appointing others as in-charge. ABVP Ramayampeta City Joint Secretary Sampath and others participated in this program.